Kisetsu Portraits - Ashigawa Kiyoko

Although I have decided not to illustrate my novel, I'm working on a series of "unnoficial" Kisetsu portraits... Light, soft drawings to give a small sneek-peak on some of the story's characters and convey their personality, more than their actual features. These portraits also feature the style of clothing they tend to wear, or even garments they actually wear at some point in-story - a great chance for me to draw Muromachi period kimono! ^^

So, to the first in the series...

Princess Kiyoko, niece of the seii-taishogun Ashigawa Yoshinobu.

"From the time they were presented, Ikeda Jin had met Ashigawa Kiyoko four other mornings, to bring her a daily dose of his medicinal infusion and to examine the waning cut on her ankle. This, however, was the first time Moegi wasn’t present at the time. Kiyoko assumed that her tutor was busy, perhaps helping Aoi to cense her lady’s uchiki...
Her absence was strangely enjoyable. "
(Kisetsu - Spring, Chapter 6: Bloom)

The kanji-hiragana reads her name, accompanied by her family's mon (crest). She wears toki-iro and usubeni pinks-based ensemble, and her uchiki features sakura (cherry blossom) motifs. All the motifs in her uchiki and kimono were drawn by me. 

Kisetsu - Spring is avaliable in portuguese on Amazon, and it's currently being translated to english!

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  1. Hi! I love Kisetsu and I would like to try to translate your novel to Spanish. I understand quite Portuguese although it is not a language I can speak. (Actually, I've never translated something from Portuguese, but I have found it entertaining) I don't work as a translator, but I always try to be the most accurate while doing my translations. If you want to contact me, I will gladly give you my e-mail o any way of contact you want. (I've already translated a few lines, so If yo want I can show you how it goes. Unfortunately, my laptop isn't working by now and I must use my IPad for do it, and It limits how well can I do it.)

  2. Hi, Ayshel Xana!
    I'm very happy to hear that you like Kisetsu, and that you're enjoying it even in Portuguese! Also, thank you so much for your kind offer to translate it, but my mother speaks Spanish, and we're planning to work on the Spanish translation as soon as the English translation is done.

    I've seen your blog and found it really interesting (my Spanish isn't perfect, but I can understand almost all) so I'm following!

    Thank you again, and best regards!

    1. Ah, don't worry ^^ I was planning to do it for practise my translations skills too, and not just to translate Kisetsu to Spanish. (Probably I will translate it anyways just for practise and be proud of myself, you know xD). Whatever, if you ever need some help related to the translation (the Spanish, my english is just ordinary) I will gladly help ^^. And if you want, I can send you the little, little part I've already translated from the kindle version (and I can assure you that some japonese words have given me a great headache becasuse I couldn't find the correct genre. And find the correct or the most appropiate translation for some Portuguese words was very troublesome xD).

      Thanks for the comments about my blog, but actually is on hiatus because I've no time (bah, it's because I'm too lazy xD).

      Thank you for your quick answer :3