Star Trek Fashion - Part 1

New fanart, now inspired by the fun fandom-inspired looks from blogs like Disneybound!

The idea is to reference a fictional character, place, etc. through a collage of clothes and accessories. Only, they shouldn't form an obvious costume, but an actually wearable - and fashionable - look!

Translating costume concepts into more subtle fashion elements sounded super fun, so I decided to do a series of fandom fashion looks based on Star Trek species! For each one, I put together a collage of clothes and accessories in Polyvore, to convey each design and concept in the most recognizable (and stylish!) way. Then, I made a fashion sketch of each complete look, plus a fashion-magazine styled flavour text - and ta-da!

Theming the flavour text to each species was half the fun! XD 
(my fellow Trekkies, can you get the references?)

These are super cool to make, so more will come soon! What look is your favourite? Which would you wear? Any suggestions for other looks? I'd love to read your comment! =)

4 comentários:

  1. Well done, Maite... very interesting!!

  2. These are so inspired! And the art you made for them is very elegant and chic. Do you perhaps still have the links/brands of or other info about the Romulan dress and cloak?

    Edit: whoops, accidentally removed my first comment!

    1. Thank you so much! ^^

      I searched on Polyvore, and the cloak seems to be from a site/brand named Boohoo (http://www.polyvore.com/boohoo_jade_wool_look_cape/thing?id=190477543&.locale=es). I'm not familiar with the brand, though. I also looked for the dress, but couldn't find it (maybe they are no longer listed?). Sorry!