Star Trek Fashion - Part 2

Second batch of the series! See part 1 (Borg, Klingon and Romulan looks).

Translating costume concepts into more subtle fashion elements sounded super fun, so I decided to do a series of fandom fashion looks based on Star Trek species! For each one, I put together a collage of clothes and accessories in Polyvore, to convey each design and concept in the most recognizable (and stylish!) way. Then, I made a fashion sketch of each complete look, plus a fashion-magazine styled flavour text - and ta-da!

This time featuring Vulcan, Cardassian and Bajoran styles! Vulcan fashion was the hardest to convey, since there are so many variations... but I think I managed to put together a nice general translation of vulcan style. ^^; Cardassian was (mostly) based on their iconic military uniforms, and for the Bajoran I went with their civil clothes - because all those knit textures were so lovely!

Which one is your favourite?
Which species would you like to see next? 
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More coming up...

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